Integrity Capacity Associates (ICA) offers the full range of ethical and legal services designed to equip domestic and international clients with the practical resources to develop the intangible strategic asset of integrity capacity by:
  • Meeting or exceeding all government, industry, legal, and professional standards for a comprehensive organizational compliance and ethics development system and/or
  • Improve individual, group, and organizational ethical and legal decision making through customized training programs and consulting services.

ICA forms a collaborative relationship with its private, public and nonprofit sector clients in domestic and international spheres, and provides the service that empowers them to continually improve their own ethical work cultures. ICA's experience confirms that its ethics' interventions add value to the long range effectiveness and development of its clients.

The core partners' qualifications, experience and university affiliations demonstrate sustained adherence to the highest professional standards and daily application of state-of-the-art best practices to client needs.

ICA provides services that benefit clients in a variety of ways:

Integrated and Committed Ethical Work Cultures
A comprehensive compliance and ethics development program integrates organizational values, strategic policies, and stakeholder involvement - sustaining client commitment to moral progress at work.

More Responsible, Empowered Decision Making
Separate training and development program increase the competence and confidence with which organizational members analyze and resolve ethical and legal issues.

Proactive, Principled Corporate Governance
By proactively providing moral and legal guidance for responsible corporate governance processes, ICA helps clients to manage ethical and legal risks. The client can often avert crises, scandals, or costly litigation/fines while enhancing multiple stakeholder relations.

Enhanced Ethical Leadership Development
Ethical leadership assessment and development programs improve the quality of work and quality of work life by earning the confidence, respect and trust of internal and external stakeholders.